Our Mission

"Through an innovative sustainable social enterprise, we generate resources that support the provision of health care services for a vulnerable population of Bolivia, especially children".

We have the following principles:

  • People's lives and health are above all.
  • Trust is the basis of the relationship between doctors and patients.
  • Responsibility, not only to patients but also to society.
  • Solidarity with the poor and the needy.
  • Transparent and honest informing patients about their contributions for healthcare at the center
  • Committed to society, community and patients


We have the following values:

  • Patient-centered high quality consultation practice.
  • Provide safe and compassionate care.
  • All of our procedures, attention and consultation are filled with respect, good treatment, sympathy and compassionate love with patients.
  • Provide consistent reliable office hours, customer service and health care services.
  • Be committed to innovation and excellence.
  • Be concentrated in high service and patient satisfaction.