for all your medical needs

Centro Médico Internacional HOPE (CMI HOPE) practices “patient-centered care” which means YOU are the most important person on our health care team.
(We cover La Florida, Calacoto, Obrajes, Irpavi, Achumani , Cota Cota and other neighborhoods of La Paz - Zona Sur.)

Consider CMI HOPE your medical home. We call this “home” because our goal is to be the first place you think of whenever you have medical needs. It is not just a building, a house or a clinic, but rather a way to provide for the entire well being of you and your family.

Our culture is one of providing high quality care for all patients we serve. We believe the Patient Centered Medical Home model helps us do this with emphasizes on improving and maintaining healthy lifestyles through internationally accepted evidence-based care.

By allowing your CMI HOPE physician to provide, oversee, and coordinate all the care you need, the PCMH model seeks to strengthen the physician-patient relationship. As our patient, you will enjoy an ongoing relationship with a personal physician that leads a team that takes collective responsibility for your care.