Obesity and its Danger to Health

by Kevin Broyles
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By Dr. Gabriela Ruck T.

The world is undergoing a transition in terms of specific endemic pathologies (diseases particular to the location). Life expectancy has increased worldwide which has brought with it chronic diseases with no cure but that can be controlled. In Bolivia, until a few years ago, life expectancy was up to 45 years, now it reaches 65 years. Life expectancy increase in world population has its advantages and disadvantages. People may see their grandchildren grow, even their great-grandchildren; however they will be susceptible to developing chronic diseases.

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by Griffith's
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The influenza virus causes more severe symptoms and can cause more severe complications than other respiratory viruses, such as cold viruses. The elderly, people whose immune systems are impaired, and people who have chronic medical problems are at risk for more severe flu symptoms or complications. Worldwide epidemics of flu are common every year.

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