Unfortunately, there will be occasions that require specific expertise for certain medical conditions. Trying to find the right specialist can be daunting. At CMI Hope, we want to assist you in the process. We know that navigating the local healthcare options is not a convenient or easy process.

As your health care home, CMI Hope promises to coordinate your care with other healthcare providers or secondary specialists as needed. An important aspect of our Primary Care practice is to assess your specific medical needs and to prescribe the best course of treatment. If this assessment suggests or requires that you be seen by another healthcare professional, we will assist you as you navigate the local healthcare options. We will work with you to identify the specialist best qualified to attend to your medical needs.
Should there not be a local specialist for your referral, CMI Hope offers our patients access to international medical experts. Through our Telemedicine and E-Consultation services, Physicians beyond our local offices can access patient’s medical records, vital signs, laboratory results and other pertinent information electronically so they can help us diagnose and treat your specific illness. When needed, we can even arrange for these international experts to perform exams via video conferencing.
All of this represents our commitment to work with you to find the most accurate diagnosis and then, using evidence based medicine, to prescribe the best treatment for that diagnosis. Arranging for appropriate referrals and helping to manage your total healthcare need reflect our commitment to provide for your entire well-being.